Our Life's Work

Good evening from sitting under a magical sky right now! We've had rain showers off and on all day and sunbeams sneaking their way through enormous puffy white clouds...hello rainbows. True Story. 

We'll, it's another Friday, but this one…

The Washington Post Today

Saturday, January 2, 2021

After nearly 12 hours of sleep last night I sipped my first cup of delicious coffee and picked up my phone to see a "Google Alert".  My heart rate jumped as I clicked on The…

Best of 2020

Monday December 28, 2020 

Best of 2020 

It’s hard to think about, these past 12 months took us all on a wild emotional rollercoaster. The highs felt like flying over the tops of a redwood forest. The lows…

A light bulb moment. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

How Gratitude Has Changed Us

As of today, Eric and I are still fine, Smith Story Wine Cellars is fine, everything is just fine.

For all of us, 2020 has been far from…

Bear Dalton, the original Texas Storyteller. 

Bear Dalton, the original Texas Storyteller. 

I received news this morning that my good friend and wine business mentor Bear Dalton passed after a 3 year cancer battle. I'm writing this with a very heavy heart this morning.

Pass the tissues please

Share Joy.  
The Real Gift of Smith Story Wines. 

In general, I hope the gift of wine never ends. “Giving is fun” is our SocksforSandwich.org mantra which rings true for the winery too.  

As of today, we…

Home Wine for the Holidays

Sunday, December 6, 2020 

"Everything's better with wine", said Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa on today's show. Yes Ina, wine has been the steady "good news" in our lives this year indeed!  As of 4pm today, we are still allowed…

The Sleeping Giant Across the Way

Day 239 

This is the view from my office desk since March 3, 2020. 239 days of working while looking out this window. In late 2019, the former winery (Balo) across CA-128 from us was purchased by Jackson Family…

French Connection

October 13, 2020  

Good morning from a windy and warm Healdsburg. Much of Northern California is under another Red Flag Warning until Friday with high temps and gusty winds forecasted. Please continue to pray for the safety of our…

Blue Sky or Red?

Blue Sky...Sorta.  

Well, how are you doing today? Take a seat, this is a long one friends. Last week was the hardest of 2020 yet! The two of us have been worse but have also been so much better…