2 years ago today...

August 1, 2014 we launched our Kickstarter Campaign! 30 days later is was successfully funded, 2 years later we have nearly sold-out all of our 2014 wines and well on our way with the 2015's already!!  It's a day of !!!!!!!!! so much to celebrate and be thankful for. The last 24 months have been a blur almost, the behemoth amount of planning, strategy and launch of Smith Story Wine Cellars is still going strong.

Do we want/need/dream of a vacation? YES, however the month of August is the "hustle" month for us. The season ahead is so extremely important in terms of 1) a healthy harvest  2) wine sales. 

So many exciting things ahead in the short term. As of today, we begin a new wholesaler partnership in Texas working with Southern Glazers, our Fall Allocation and Storytellers Wine Club goes live in 5 days, we're launching our inaugural Lord Sandwich Red Table Wine this month, on August 20 we're hosting a "Blessing of the Grapes" at our favorite bistro in the Russian River Valley and oh yeah...Harvest 2016 will begin! 

Dear August - let's do this! 

 - Eric and Ali

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