Celebrating on National Wine Day

Coffee Talk: 

Eric: How does it feel to be 45 years young Babycakes?

Ali: Really? You’re gonna just put this right out there? Well, it’s strangely wonderful. I remember when my Mom turned 45! I’m sorta bumming to miss all the US Joshua Tree concerts this week though, how about you take me to the Berlin concert instead?

Eric: Sure, let’s buy a lotto ticket first. I think it’s strangely wonderful that your birthday falls on National Wine Day…you’ve got a secret direct line with the calendar gods or what? 

Ali: yep, they are in our corner babe. 

Eric: So I’ve asked you a million times, what do you want to do today for your birthday besides eat lemon cake for breakfast? 

Ali: Let’s head out to the coast, do a little hiking, take some photos, sip on a little rosé then feast on some fish n chips…with champagne! 

Eric: That’s my Birthday Girl.


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