A day in the life

It's a hour past Valentine's Day 2016. We saw each other less than a smidgen of time today. Eric reported to K&L for a day of wine retailing, Ali hosted our dear German Winemaker to a fantastic lunch with friends at Camino in Oakland. Very sandwiched in-between sitting in holiday traffic jams, finalizing our Spring Release email, coding a few updates on the website, booking hotel and car rental for her upcoming market visit to North Carolina and paying winery bills. It really never stops...and we love every single minute - well 90% of the time that is.

The wine reviews by Antonio Galloni last week couldn't have come at a better time. We so needed this super nice thing to happen, we get so down in the winery start-up trenches that life begins to feel really heavy and hard. Praise for our wines by a wine critic that we have the utmost admiration and respect for really blew new wind in our sails. Honored, happy and focused best describes the rush of adrenaline that ran through our bodies after reading his reviews. STOKED! 

Grateful for all the kind messages, phone calls and hugs from our friends, family and peers. We continue to be inspired by you all. Some days are glorious, some days aren't worth remembering...ahh a day in the life of a new winery! Glad we looked up just in time tonight to catch the breathtaking sunset tonight, such a gift after a crazy long day. 

Hours away from the Spring Release...an epic offering for Smith Story Wine Cellars. 

This is Our Story. 

Eric & Ali

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