Another Love Story

We are suckers for a good love story. 

Enter Anna and Matt in Houston, Texas. They were introduced to each other by their best friends from high school. One sunny day in Galveston, Texas while visiting Matt's family beach house they decided to cross the friendship bridge and date.  We get this!  Fast forward to April 2016, while relaxing at this very special house once again, Matt asked Anna to be his bride. SHE SAID YES! That evening they shared a bottle of our Smith Story Sauvignon Blanc in celebration. 

Of course it was our Goldendoodle Lord Sandwich who connected us with this dear family...Toby is the Doodle of Lynn - Matt's Mom and she had placed our wine at the beach house - because a beach is a darn good place to sip our wine of course. 

Fast Forward to their wedding day on November 5, 2016...they tied the knot in the beautiful courtyard of the legendary Brennan's of Houston. The Brennan's wine program is run by Marcus who is a dear friend of ours too, which was so fun to tell Anna and Matt about. They had already chosen our wines to be a part of their wedding weekend by the time we connected them to Marcus - we were all so overjoyed and honored to be a fun part of their celebration.

Eric and I have watched their story blossom and bloom over the past year and can't wait to see what's next...after their new Goldendoodle pup grows up of course. 

We toast to you two love birds tonight, to a life full of love and adventure Anna and Matt!

Happy Valentines Day! 


Eric, Ali and Lord Sandwich

(Photo Credit: Aelish Lascoe Photography)

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