Crying like babies...

True Story. Tears shed daily in the tasting room as we tell Our Story to guests. Good Lord, even tonight as we are sitting here reviewing everything we've done since announcing Smith Story Wine Cellars on May 14, 2014 WE have tears streaming down our faces. Smith Story Wine Cellars went from writing our name in the sand in Hawaii to crushing near 200 tons of grapes in three years. We're proud, thrilled, stressed, happy, exhausted...all the feels as we celebrate our official 3rd Anniversary this Sunday. 

Our winery began with our love story (sounds cheesy we know), but my God it's the truth. We started with nothing more than knowing how hard it was going to be to start a winery from nothing but our knowledge (and with very little capital) but also knowing we were up to the challenge ahead. In 3 years time we've made wine, seriously damn good wine...and it's selling all over the United States. 5000 cases of wine bottled so far.. that's 60,000 bottles of wine that we have given our blood, sweat, tears to produce and sell with little more than your support and our own determination each and every day. 

Our story continues...and oh we know our 4th year ahead is going to be the best year yet.This fall season, we're finally releasing all the wine we've ever made... beautiful barrels full of our cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc that are ready to bottle and pour into your wine glasses soon too! 

Oh we can't stop crying, tears of joy mixed with a wee bit of sleep deprivation perhaps! Come see us in Philo soon, the new tasting room hours are 12pm-5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday...Monday 11is to 4ish. We are having the time of our lives...we really are. 

This is Our Story. 

Eric and Ali

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