"Dont fuck around with your drummer", a quote from the newly released Coldplay Documentary we watched Thanksgiving night. This statement made us chuckle, remove drummer and insert Smith Story and it rings true. We mean that in the nicest way. Starting and building a winery from scratch is not for the weak. 

In the wine industry, the month of December is crucial. We all hope for good drinking weather and a bustling economy. The 11 months prior we've emailed, allocated, trucked, flown, visited, pitched and beat our drums with all our might. Now it's time for wine consumers to show up and load up for the December and New Year Holidays. NOT KIDDING AROUND HERE. The wine supply chain counts on December like no other month for strong sales. 

2018 was freaking incredible for us in many ways. It went fast though. It was way to much for us to handle on our own - as planned - so working alongside our consulting winemaker Katy and bringing on two complete wine studs (Andy and Will)  made our year magical. Damn. It still went too fast! 

So now, it's December 1st and our running shoes are laced up a little looser than the first 11 months. Our feet hurt. Yep. 30 more days to stand up tall, do our thing and hope that all our efforts this year truly pay off. 

Dedication, determination... we have never said no to hard work. What's in the bottle is a shining example of what we set out to do 5 harvests ago! 

Drumming our asses off, and love every minute of it. 

This is Our Story. 

Eric and Ali 

PS. This is the link to the email that went out at 12:15pm today. 


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