From The Front Lines

This year's been full of ups and and a few downs for us. Oh so much to say, but we're gonna stick to the good things and start with THANK YOU! Smith Story Wine Cellars is well on its way to the best sales quarter of the year ...and we are counting on every waking hour of the next 30 days to matter. GAWH this sounds so corporate to say, but our eyes are on our growth model and taking our little 2 person winery to the next level - the only way we can truly acheive this is through wine sales - duh!

The new Lord Sandwich Red Table Wine has been a welcome (and successful) addition to our portfolio this year. We're hoping to expand this label in stores across America and maybe even Canada too! It's all thrilling, wonderfully exciting and gut wrenching (can't-sleep-at-night-nerve-racking) all the same.  But, we knew this when we decided to start our very own winery and IT'S ON!!!

As we end the year and, move into 2017, we're working on some very exciting happenings and fabulous plans for Smith Story Wine Cellars. Eric will be full-time at the winery, we're bringing in new investors to help our long-term growth and, possible vineyard acquisitions, working towards launching our first "Smith Story Tasting Salon", releasing our first Dutton Ranch Chardonnay in late spring and oh then there's this...our 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon will be available this time next year too! Yes, that was a long sentence but whatever...bring on the next 12 months!! 

"Enjoy the journey" is what so many of you have said to us during our first 2 years of starting the winery. With Eric now joining the winery 24/7, we both look forward to enjoying all this and spending more time with you all!  Keep us close, your support is providing 100% of the wind in our sails. May the holiday season be filled with Smith Story Wine, Celebration & Joy!

This is Our Story, 

Eric and Ali

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