Harvest 2015 Cliff Notes...

Since Eric is also working full-time at K&L, he has a scheduled call with our co-winemaker Katy each day to discuss each vineyard. This is great help to both of us when asking the usual "how was your day?" once both home at night.

Here's what is going on today: 

Smith Story Wine Cellars


  • Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, Broadway: slowly bubbling away in barrel
  • Russian River, Mill Station, Dutton Chardonnay: going to barrel for fermentation
  • Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, Tolay Vista: settling and moving to barrel in a day or so for fermentation
  • Anderson Valley, Pinot Noir, Nash Mill: just chilling on its skins
  • Sonoma Coast, Pinot Noir, Thorn Ridge: being pressed tomorrow
  • Anderson Valley, Pinot Noir, Helluva: still in cold soak. almost ready for pressing
  • Knights Valley, Sauvignon Blanc, Blau: in tank waiting to be blended with...
  • Sonoma Mountain, Sauvignon Blanc Alta Ridge: settling in tank and will be moved to a fermentation tank shortly. blended with Blau once fermentation is complete
  • Sonoma Mountain, Pickberry Vineyard, Merlot: being picked Friday... be hand sorted, de-stemmed and left for a slow, cold soak
  • Pickberry Cabernet,  Sémillon & Cab Franc: probably be ready within the next 6-10 days, depending on mother nature
This list is only a small percentage of what's moving and shaking with our wines, the cellar team is busy 12+ hours a day with sorting grapes, punchdowns, cleaning, running tests, pressing, topping 2014 wines...so much. For the first time since we kicked off the winery last summer, wee bit overwhelmed with our "to-do" lists in the office, but playing catch up over the next 48 hours until our next grape pick on Friday.  

This is Our Story! 

 - Eric & Ali

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