Harvest 2015 Has Begun!

Words can not describe how exciting this time of year is for us! Our first pick was on August 20 - a few days ago we brought in a little less than a ton of Pinot Noir from Thorn Ridge Vineyards located in the Sonoma Coast AVA. This is the one vineyard that was affected the most among our 10 vineyard partners by the May rain showers. The rain caused "shatter" right when blooms where setting fruit, so the grape tonnage per acre is down this year. The good news is that the grapes that did develop are little bites of pinot noir paradise - the flavors are absolutely stunning.

Today, we're taking a break from the crush pad and working on a detailed Harvest 2015 report for our Mailing List Members and Storytellers, so please check your inboxes shortly! 

Thank you for your loyal support,

Eric & Ali


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