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Next Level Smith Story Wines (this is a copy from our last email)Smith Story Pinot Noir

Taking A Leap of Faith...Today Eric announced his retirement from K&L Wine Merchants after 17 incredible years. We're both excited to have him full-time at the winery, spend more time in the vineyards and take some heavy lifting off of Ali's plate. Scared? Oh yeah, but feeling confident about the success of our new winery thus far and are focused with all our might on the journey that lies ahead. 

"With a lot of perseverance, sleepless nights and amazing help we have become fortunate enough to where both of our full time attention and dedication is needed moving forward.", get all the details of how it went down today on The Chapters page. #NextLevelSmithStoryWines 

 Houston - Tuesday, November 15 is in less than 2 weeks away. If you have not made your reservation for our Smith Supper ClubStory Supper Club at Vic & Anthony's please do so ASAP. Seating is limited and oh Ali has some good stories to share with this epic night of dinner guests, food and wine. 

Pricing, Vic & Anthony's phone number and menu details are located on our Happenings page. #NextLevelSmithStoryWines 

Gifting this Holiday Season. "We Three Kings of Pinot Noir" 
Come on, sing it now...! A three pack of Smith Story Wine Cellars Pinot Noir will impress this holiday season. A great gift for clients, friends and family (well the family members who drink the good stuff, you know what we mean here) alike.  

  • Select 3 bottles of Smith Story *Pinot Noir of your liking  
  • Type "3kings" upon check out on the website, for $10 ground shipping fee. 
  • Ali will be hand wrapping each bottle and adding any lovely note requested inside.  
  • Purchase 4 or more "3kings" packs and also receive a 10% discount in addition to $10 ground shipping.  
  • THIS IS #NextLevelSmithStoryWines folks! 
* sorry this does not apply to our Rosé of Pinot Noir ​

A friendly reminder... 
2015 Helluva Vineyard Pinot Noir is now in release. This new pinot noir is making it's way on wine lists all over California and Texas already!  A few notes... 
2015 Helluva VineyardThe 2015 Helluva Vineyard Pinot Noir, in comparison to our 2014 first release, seems a bit bolder in flavor and richer in length. No convincing you via an email that you will love it, just wait until you pour your first glass of this beauty. More details on the wine and to purchase are live on the website. 

Fall Shipments: We're in the VERY LAST home stretch of sending out Fall Wine orders to the HOT states throughout the USA. All orders remaining are catching the cold front this week across the US...Mother Nature has been on fire this year and such a drag on wine shipping.  

Thank you for sharing Our Story, cheering us on and drinking our beautiful wines!  

 Love,  Eric and Ali

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