Smells like Tacos

Yes, our house smells like slow-cooked beef tacos right now!! Eric's whipping up dinner between hanging new curtains, finalizing Harvest 2017 grape contracts and feeding Lord Sandwich. Oh the exciting life of a small family business! This afternoon we've updated our website with upcoming events and ticket sales. Good lord we are so pumped about the coming months at the Tasting Room and seeing many of you! Every event is planned down to the smallest-itty-bitty detail so you can absorb all the magic that the Anderson Valley casts over you as you drive into Philo. TRUE STORY.

Much more to tell you guys in the coming days...for now, please do us a BIG favor and help spread the word about our Grand Opening Weekend at the end of the month and our 3rd Anniversary Celebration in May.  Good old fashioned word of mouth has been the best way of sharing Smith Story happenings with others! 

Check out the events on our Happenings page to a few of the events are now available to purchase in our Wine Shop

Now off to see a man about a taco...and a glass of cold Smith Story Rosé! 

This is Our Story. 

 - Ali

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