So where do we start?

Where do we start is the number one question that we find ourselves asking each other... so much going on and so much to tell you.  Here's a snippet tonight, Jim and Ericwish we had time to tell you everything, but we're typing in our PJ's and are ready for some shut-eye. 

What's up?

The best part of our weeks are in the tasting room, meeting new friends and catching up with old ones alike. Last weekend Jim Barr and his fabulous wife spent time with us. Oh we loved hugging his neck and seeing their big smiles. Jim was the original owner of Nash Mill Vineyard (you can read about him and our history in the vineyard with Jim in the Anderson Valley here)

Our new equity partners are a female investment group who originally found us by following our daily antics on Instagram! What What?!? Yes, we couldn't be more honored have their support, they've been watching the day-to-day since almost day 1 of our journey. We are excited to see what new found financial stability brings to our next chapter as we move into our 4th harvest season. We've grown from zero to approx. 4000 cases in less than 3 years. We are tired, yet we are pumped, you guys love the wines and so do we. This is the point. Yeah! 

New bottlings this summer...holy mother of pearl we've been busy in the cellar! We bottled 330 cases of our first Pickberry Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, about 450 cases of the 2016 Helluva Pinot Noir, 600 cases of German Riesling, 540 cases of Rosé, 1200 cases of Lord Sandwich Red Table Wine. Oh this year is just the best year for our new winery.  We finally have enough inventory to expand our sales distribution and open new states both direct to consumer and via wholesale. 

Speaking of... you are our best advocate at home! Please continue to ask your favorite wine retailer and restaurant about Smith Story Wine Cellars. Because of your demands and requests we are speaking with wholesale partners in 8 more states! Fingers and paws crossed we'll have inventory in new regions of the world available by the Fall. THANK YOU. 

Harvest 2017: We've moved a few vineyards out of our portfolio because #meanpeoplesuck and welcomed a couple of new vineyards in. Stay tuned. Oh and on that very note...we're excited to fill you in next week about where we are moving the cellar and making Smith Story Wine Cellars close to our home in the RRV. Oh it's just the coolest. 

More soon, please click around the Wine Shop and read up on our new German Wines, Cabernet Franc and Lord Sandwich Red wines that are now available. Yes it's to hot to ship most places, but we're holding orders with no problem and plenty of you have placed orders and picked up in the tasting room too! 

Oh the glorious tasting room...we're off to the run the tasting room in a few hours. Friday is plenty busy for us in Philo as so many of you make your way to the Mendocino Coast for summer weekends away. Beating the heat with a few cases of our rosé is working out well!  So we have a big few days ahead with special guests visiting from Seattle, a quick trip to Dallas for Texsom, and hosting precious Storyteller Wine Club members visiting from Houston later next week.

This is the FUN stuff...thanks for your continued support and telling others about our "Great American Love Story" as so many of you have said to us. So damn cool, we love you guys! 

This is Our Story. 

Eric, Ali and Lord Sandwich. 




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