Spinning into Harvest 2016

Typing this with coffee in hand, towel wrapped around my wet hair and on hold with UPS on the phone. We asked for it. All the beautiful success, maddening to-lists and Eric and Alinever ending decisions to make about big and tiny things that are best for our new winery are in full swing these days. We're also days away from picking our first grapes of Harvest 2016! 

Feeling accomplished, nervous and excited all the same. I have to say the biggest step we took this year was moving our Texas wholesale business to the new Southern Glazer's team. We've been quiet as to why our former distributor partner let us down, we've made so many friendships over the years among the sales team and company management. Respectfully each person has a family to feed and life to keep creating, so no time for pointing out the failures of our partnership, we wish them all the best. As a new winery and growing new winery, we are thrilled to be working with a new professional team of wine pros in Texas, many whom I've known and looked up to since my Central Market Buying days. The timing is perfect right to take this big step into a bigger wholesaler culture in the Lone Start State. We are very grateful for the opportunity as Texas has the potential to become a million dollar market for us over the next few years. 

New wine is in release - please continue to check on our Wine Shop page as wines are nearing sold-out status. And if you haven't opened your 2014 Thorn Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir yet, it's tasting incredible right now! We have a handful of cases available before we move the remaining bottles into our wine library. So crazy - we have a wine library already! We just released our first vintage 18 months ago!!!  SO COOL! 

AND WE ARE LOOKING FOR WINE COUNTRY PROPERTY NOW!! A barn, vineyards, a permitted private tasting room...this is another post for a day when time allows. So excited about this big next step! Ok...UPS is now chatting with me, bad time for our account to be suspended...seems that our auto-pay didn't auto-pay last week when I was on the road more than behind the computer. 

Thanks for your loyal support and spreading the word about all things Smith Story Wine Cellars. More soon, promise! 

This is Our Story today!  - Ali


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  • Alfonso Cevola
    Alfonso Cevola www.alfonsocevola.com
    really glad to have you and your team on board with our team - really makes me happy

    really glad to have you and your team on board with our team - really makes me happy

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