The Deep End - Harvest 2016 Update

As of today, we only have a few vineyards "penciled in" to pick this week. Still awaiting the perfect taste off the vine when the flavors are singing to us! It's a slow start Pinot Noir - Nash Mill 2016for us, we are OK with this...

An update from the owner of the Nash Mill Vineyard in Philo - the deep end of the Anderson Valley. Backstory: This vineyard was first planted by a good friend of ours Jim Barr in 2003 - also where Eric has some ownership and planted 6 rows of riesling. The Nash Mill Vineyard sold a handful of years later to the Husch family and was converted over to 100% Pinot Noir. This is our 2nd Harvest to work with their beautiful fruit, clones 667, 115 & Pommard. - Eric and Ali

Monday, August 29, 2016

Hi All, 

The home stretch is here and the grapes at Nash Mill are getting close. Well, by close I mean we have a sampling above 20 brix. The pommard showed 19.5 (and acid=11 grams). I will send full chemistry with the next sampling (maybe Tuesday) at which point we can speculate about dates for the first pick. Last year was Sept 9 and I am in no hurry to beat that record. Nash Mill Vineyard

The vineyard looks strong. Deep green canopy with just a few yellowing leaves here and there. We dropped leaves twice on the east side of each row so the fruit is fully visible to the morning sun. We did a late season shoot thin (removing fruit as well) to reduce congestion in the canopy. A separate green thin was completed last week. 

Lots of healthy clusters. Set was strong and while you can find some chicks and hens most of the vineyard shows a uniform berry size. It will be a good sized crop (probably 4 tons/acre). 

I am irrigating twice a week at two gallons per drink. Weather is pleasant (low 80s) and expected to cool so this could be a long hang-time scenario. 

Everyone is invited to come up and visit! 


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