'Tis the Season...Already

Here we go, it's half way into November folks... a thrilling time of year but also the most nerve racking for us. The months of November and December in the wine business can make or break a small winery.  We want to thank each of you who've purchased our wines and reordered, gifted our wines to friends and family and out of pure kindness opened many doors across the nation for us in your favorite wine-centric restaurants and local shops.

Ali's off to Texas this week to lead a few Smith Story events and our shipping department is full-throttle mode as we are days away from Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, we are in the throws of ordering all our bottling needs for 2017 and new financial planning the next few years out for our growing winery.

Please keep us in mind, your spirit and enthusiasm about Our Story continues to be the wind in our sails. Your continued support is E V E R Y T H I N G.


Eric and Ali

(feel free to pass along the "3Kings" promotion to your wine loving co-workers, friends and family).

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