You have no idea much you are going to love our 2015 Rosé of Pinot Noir.  Well maybe you do, especially if you sipped on our 2014 Rosé. 

So this is the deal...long story short, the import company we had to work with (bc of Mr. Story's day job we can't obtain our own Federal Import License) to ship the wine to the states stuck it to us this year.  We're praying to the Lord Above that weather temperatures will stay mild over the next few weeks so we can ship to your nook and cranny throughout the US. So please help us spread the word about one of the best Rosé wines available this year from the winery. The Rosé will have VERY limited availability in CO, NY, NC and Texas. 

Details on how to purchase:

Mailing List Members, you may use the promo-code "pink" to knock off 50% of the shipping fee. Wish we could ship for *free, but we are a small company of 2 humans and 1 winery dog. The Storyteller Wine Club folks know how to get their hands on this too. #membershipdoeshaveitsprivileges

Rosé Every Damn Day!   -  Eric & Ali.

*We are Not Amazon

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