Your StartUp Disk is Full.

GAWWWHHH!  This drives us crazy every time we power up in the morning.  Ali's "startup disk is full" on her MacBook...a crazy reminder of how much we've done over the past 4 years...time to purchase a new Mac and hire some help! 

Harvest 2017 has arrived, just days after we closed on our capital raise and new equity partnership last month. Let's just say at this point of our lives we are stretched both mentally and emotionally.  The last 10 months have been torturous for the two of us, we're unwinding the brain-damage of it all a little more each day though. Thankfully our part of the planet has missed the earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and floods. However, our hearts are heavy for so many of our dear friends and family dealing with this epic devastation.  We count our lucky stars several times each day that we have made a living in wine and are making our dreams come true in this crazy cool business! 

We're focused on making this this best harvest yet for Smith Story and looking forward to expanding our team a bit to help us grow. In the meantime, we ask that you continue to support us by telling others about Our Story, our wines, our dreams coming true...and keep sipping Smith Story along the way of course. 

Now back to working on alleviating our Start Up Disk!  Keep an eye on us on  for daily updates...


Eric and Ali 


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