Changing the Vents

Well we made it. The highs and lows of 2017 were exhausting for us on all levels. We happily and peacefully said goodbye to 2017 and welcomed the new year with a full heart. 19 days into 2018 and THIS YEAR IS FULL OF JOY ALREADY!! Meetings with top wine pros both buyers and media have filled our days and our hearts beyond measure. So what's this got to do with my title of this post? 

I was diagnosed with asthma for the first time in my life a few months ago. A few days following my diagnosis I arrived home one afternoon to a house full of new ac/heater covers and filters. Eric had spent an afternoon at the hardware store picking the correct items to change out our vents. He did so just for me, without asking, he recognized that I needed support and some fresh air (oh he's good isn't he !?!). 

Well my point here is a bit of a metaphor for our business over the past year and in the coming months and years. The partnerships we've worked hard to create are either here for the long haul, or they simply need to be changed. Changing the vents isn't a quick fix, neither is changing a business relationship. Some vents in unused corners of the house needed only a little attention from Eric, while others, the most important ones surrounding the air where I sleep and breath the most needed a complete overhaul. To be continued...

Our deepest appreciation for the good ones and I'm talking about our dearest vendors, investors, suppliers, growers, wine buyers and distributors who really stepped up last year for Smith Story Wine Cellars. Never in my life have I witnessed a new winery with such demand in corners of the world like I have our own. It's heartwarming, encouraging and frustrating all the same when vents need to be changed! It's a new year indeed...thanks for listening. 

 This is Our Story. 

 - Ali

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