It's October

No doubt about it, this year is the fastest year of our lives! What seemed like a long extended Harvest 2016 ended in a flash! Our third Smith Story Wine Cellars Pickberry Vineyard. Photo Credit: Loren Root PhotographyHarvest was another beauty, our only disappointment this season was the low tonnage of our Sauvignon Blanc. We so wanted more due to the crazy demand for our lovely Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc! Thankfully this wine has become a restaurant darling and a staple for many of our fans. 

So where are we know? Quite honestly... in need of a break - time-off to rest and a big break in regards to closing some big sales by the end of the year. We'll take the sales break first please and thank you. ha. No really, we've been burning candles at both ends now for the past 24 months and have loved every minute, but it might be time to zone out in front of some breaking ocean waves for some rejuvenation. Life goes on until then...did we mention that we've sold near 4000 cases of wine in the first 18 months of wine released? Not bad for this new little winery with big dreams! 

So stay posted to the "Happenings" page on the website, the next few weeks are full of Smith Story tastings, supper clubs and events. Off to update that page now...and make another pot of coffee! Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm

This is Our Story, 

Eric and Ali

(Last Day of Harvest 2016, Pickberry Vineyard. Photo Credit: Loren Root Photography)

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