When Eric retired from K&L last December, we promised each other to take this year a little slower and to enjoy the journey. The past 3 years went by in a blur for us.  So as the calendar turns into summer, we are in disbelief.  Looking back over the past 5 months we've moved mountains in our little world and are looking forward to a little more routine and flow of business as the summer months turn into the highly anticipated harvest days ahead. 

As a small business owner, we have our eye on BIG things ahead both for the winery and for our non-profit www.socksforsandwich.org. We're beyond ready to spring out of the "start-up gates" with energy and focus.  Thankful for the incredible team and vast circle of supporters we have in our lives...we couldn't be doing this without your daily cheers and incredible enthusiasm for our family winery.

This is Our Story. 

Love, Eric, Ali & Lord Sandwich 


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